Established in 1992, after the tragic death of the new Hurley Medical Center obstetrics and gynecology resident from an asthmatic attack, the Dr. Terence N. Thomas Scholarship was endowed with $20,000 by the Thomas family at the Medical College of Wisconsin for young, minority doctors, preferably from the states of Wisconsin or Michigan, as it was Michigan State University that conferred the medical degree on Dr. Thomas, in 1990.In 1996, on the occasion of the Milwaukee Community Journal's 20th Anniversary, the Scholarship fund was incorporated in Wisconsin as a 501(c)3, nonprofit corporation.




Many students have participated in the program.  Since 1996, Over One Million Dollars has been awarded to deserving young people so far. We award a $2000 annual scholarship to each recipient, resulting in a total average of $32,000 annually.  Each student must maintain a 3.0 annual GPA in order to continue their scholarship award into the following academic year.  We are happy to report that we have had an average retention rate of  98% annually!
Each year there is tremendous growth in the number of applicants. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, many qualified candidates are not able to receive the much needed assistance.

Working as a joint partner will allow an increase in scholarship recipients.




Unlike many scholarships, the Dr. Terence N. Thomas Scholarship Fund, Inc. identifies top notch students who overwhelmingly go to college, continue to get superb grades, and graduate. They have gone on for post graduate study and return to Milwaukee to become community thought leaders. 

In fact, the Dr. Terence N. Thomas Scholarship seeds success by supporting the recipients, while requiring the students to report their grades annually. Our Board of Directors works to ensure that funds are there to sustain these recipients throughout their academic career. 

An increase in scholarship partners will expand the number of recipients and give opportunities to good students. 

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Dr. Terence N. Thomas (1961-1991)

The untimely death of Dr. Terence N. Thomas, a first year Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident at Hurley Hospital of Flint, Michigan in February 1991, led the Thomas family to create an Endowment for other minority students at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  The initial funds were augmented with a $25,000 pledge by Speech his brother and leader of the group Arrested Development.  The Dr. Terence N. Thomas Memorial Fund, that grants scholarships to deserving students was officially incorporated in September 1996 in the state of Wisconsin.

 Graduates from the Medical College of Wisconsin who were beneficiaries of the Dr. Thomas endowment now practice throughout the United States. And two Milwaukee recipients, Dr. Christopher Webb, an eight year scholar, completed his fourth year of Residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Columbia Medical School, New York City and graduated in May 2012 and Angelica Worthy matriculates at the St. Kitts University with support from the fund. 

Ernestine O'Bee (1907-2007)

The legendary co-owner and President of the Northwest Funeral Chapel, was introduced to the scholarship fund as an Honoree, in 2001. She witnessed the return of many scholarship recipients and later joined the Board of Directors after its formation. A devotee of education and supporting serious students who excelled, she often shared her stories of matriculating at the University of Michigan when few women were completing college degrees. She worked for families to earn extra money for books, while many families pooled resources for talented students to go to top ten colleges and universities. Mrs. O’Bee loved the students. Several knew her personally and benefitted from her advice and her generosity.   

Mrs. O’Bee left one fourth of her estate to the Dr. Thomas Scholarship Fund. This unprecedented gift has permitted current students to receive an increase in their annual stipends. A few years ago, the stipend was $1500, for the last five years it has been $ 2000 full awards and $ 1000 Honorable Mention Awards. The increase has been directly tied with the economy and increasing tuition costs. Over $ 800,000 was given to students from the community, to date. 



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Our Mission

We are committed to identify and support scholarship awards to students who excel; and to continue that support throughout their college and graduate years.