Dr. TNT Student Malik Johnson Spends Time in Tanzania

I had so much fun in Tanzania! Myself and the 10 other Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars were able to complete our service activities with the Maasai Tribe, in the Longido community in Tanzania. This trip really opened my eyes to how blessed we are in America. For the two weeks we were out there, we didn't have access to consistent electricity, toilets, and definitely no running water. At first, it was a struggle, but then I really began to realize that people live every single day of their lives with extremely limited access to things that we take for granted in the United States. One of those being water. I learned so many women and children aren't able to go to school because they have to walk so far to fetch water for their households. Our group helped a family get water, and they explained that they have to walk 4 miles, 8 times each day just so they have enough water for everything they needed that day. This trip really inspired me to want to do something about the problem of water, or at least educate others so they know that this problem is real, and to hopefully find solutions for it.

Another huge thing that I took in was that even though the villagers were not rich at all, everyone was so happy and genuinely kind to each other. They may be considered "poor" by Americas standards, but they are so rich in spirit. Seeing that made me rethink all the things I complain about, and take time to appreciate all the things that I have been blessed with. Most importantly, this trip inspired me to travel the world even more, so that one day I'll be able to serve more people!

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