Cavalier Johnson elected 45th mayor of Milwaukee

A historic milestone was reached Tuesday in Wisconsin’s largest city. Citizens of Milwaukee voted to elect Cavalier Johnson as “The Mayor,” making him the first African American ever elected to the post in its 176 years of existence along the shores of Lake Michigan.

"This city, for the first time in our 176-year history, has elected its first Black mayor. We did it," Johnson said Tuesday before an enthusiastic crowd representing what many citizens are calling the ‘new Milwaukee.’ Black, White, Latino, Asian, LBGTQ, women, millennials, babyboomers, Gen X and Gen Z; everyone who represented a segment of a city that is becoming more diverse were represented at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center downtown. The 35-year old Johnson is Milwaukee’s first millennial mayor.

He defeated former Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan in the special election for a shortened two-year term. He also becomes the first non-incumbent in 18 years to win the office since Tom Barrett claimed it in 2004, defeating former acting Mayor and Common Council President Marvin Pratt. Johnson took over as the city's acting mayor last December, after the incumbent Barrett stepped down to become the US ambassador to Luxembourg. Johnson, who was Common Council president, automatically became acting mayor after Barrett’s departure. Johnson and Donovan, who previously ran for mayor in 2016, were the top-two finishers in the February primary election.

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