Jason Matthews Annual Scholarship for students attending MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College).

Jason Matthews was a  counselor in Advising at MATC. The son of a State of Wisconsin social worker; his sister, a Milwaukee County social worker, and his brother an Emergency room  physician, Jason learned early about the important role education plays in upward mobility.

Jason and Terence were cousins,  mutually passionate about using their gifts and talents to make a difference. Both are now enshrined through the Dr Terence N Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund and represents their fulfillment of paying things forward.

Interested students from MATC can apply for the annual stipend through MATC’s scholarship  page and the Student Resource Center.

One  student, identified by MATC, shall be awarded, each year.

MATC is a technical training leader that guides academic successes. This exemplary partnership expands educational pursuits  and builds inter-organizational success opportunities.  

Watch for the announcement of the first Jason Matthews scholar and the Dr. Thomas Fund’s 30th Anniversary celebration event where the $1000 stipend will be awarded.